The Dangers of Microwaves

Recent studies show microwave oven-cooking can cause severe molecular damage. Microwaved food has been found to cause abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems, dramatically effecting cells. Damaged cells become an easy target for viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms. The immune systems become weak and suppressed. Cells are forced into a state of energy emergency.

The Russians have done the most in-depth studies on microwave ovens and the biological effects on food and the effects on the human body. Microwave ovens were outlawed in Russia when scientists discovered the serious increase in cancer and the DNA changes within the food. They also discovered microwaves destroy all nutritional value within the food. Because the DNA and the entire molecular structure of the food is changed, the body no longer understands it to be of any nutritional value to the body and it treats it as foreign material, attacking it and wrapping it in fat cells, as if it were a poison or enemy of some sort, which is what it has become.

Continuous eating of microwaved foods has been shown to have serious long term effects over time. It can cause brain damage by short cutting the electrical impulses within the brain, by demagnetizing the brain tissue which causes depolarization. Causing memory loss, concentration impairment, & emotional instability. Long term use can cause serious hormone imbalances by altering the bodies chemistry as well as causing cancerous growth to occur more commonly in the stomach and intestines.

There are alternatives to the microwave that work wonderful without the harmful effects. Use a toaster oven. It works well, is nearly as quick and a nice compact size.

Here are a few research sources to learn more:

A.R.E.C. Research Operations

I do have more information documented at my office, but I dont have the room to write it all on my site. I have all the information available for those who would like to stop by my office and pick up the information.

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