Toxic margarine

The dangers of margarine. Hydrogenated fats such as margarine are non-foods with serious toxic effects and should be avoided at all costs. Margarine is made by adding hydrogen atoms to the fat molecules to make them more saturated, raising the melting point of the fat so it remains a solid at room temperature and stops spoilage. Basically so it wont melt! This process is called hydrogenation. You can leave a cube or tub of margarine out for years and it wont spoil nor will it mold, nor will bugs of any kind touch it! Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic! But because the fats in margaine are partically hydrogenated (meaning not fully saturated) the manufactures can somehow claim it is “polyunsaturated and market it as a healthy food! One of the side effects of hydrogenation is a residue of toxic metals, usually nickel and aluminum, that is left behind in the product. These metals are used as catalysts in the processing reaction, the problem is they accumulate in our cells and nervous system and poison us through altering our cellular function, causing a wide variety of health problems. Which is one of the reason why I do what I do. My work can remove these toxins from the cells and restore the energy, giving new life to the cells.

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