Do Your Research!

CANCER. There are alternative answers for cancer.  Research it for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to do some digging and read the many available approaches to cancer and other diseases. Please ask God to give you wisdom in your decision and discernment and directi in your research. He does answer prayers, and He does listen. Understand the more chemicals you put in your body the more toxic it becomes. This is not to say you are doomed if you’ve been through many chemical treatments or medications ! Watch out for those who give you a death sentence before your time. Be ware of those who don’t really have answers but want to hand you one more drug an yet cannot tell you if it will help or what its for. Ask questions and keep asking until you get some answers. Be determine, its YOUR life! There are wonderful cancer centers that use many alternative approaches and may even combine some mainstream treatments with their alternative therapies. I know of several. Call me.  Also please read the personal story of a cancer survivor who was given a death sentence but God had other plans for her! Her story and information is amazing. Click on the link.

LYMPHEDEMA.  Do not let someone tell you it cannot be treated, that you cannot heal from this. Not true.  Ive seen amazing turn arounds without drugs and chemical treatments added to your system, adding to your toxicity. The new ST-8 machine and my LBG both have remarkable history helping people recover from any type of swelling and toxicity of the lymph system but must include a strict diet as well.  Hands on lymph drainage is good as long as its a therapist who has proper training and is NOT to hard! But it is a surface treatment. Compression can only do so much as well, and is very uncomfortable and takes forever. The advanced ST-8 with oxygen and infrared included in the technology is an amazing tool. Pain free, very relaxing and has amazing results. Call me for more information.

VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS. Research it for yourself.  Do not believe everything you read. There are many articles online by what appears to be very reputable writers / companies, such as articles written especially for “the consumer”. They claim the FDA has not approved of the vitamin supplements you maybe taking and you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist first before taking any supplements. Do your research for yourself.  Ask an expert in the vitamin world. Who better than those in the business? Many are very well trained and studied Holistic Medicine. Its sad to say but our Universities do not teach our doctors much about vitamin supplements or herbs.  And the Pharmaceutical companies main agenda is to sell their drugs of course. They don’t make any money telling you about vitamins and alternative approaches. Ask a well trained professional in the Holistic field. Keep in mind there are many ideas and approaches in both the Holistic field and the Medical field. Every doctor, every practitioner, every therapist has their own opinion.

Be careful about buying products that call themselves “all natural”.  If it says “organic” then it has to pass strict regulations, so you know its good. But “all natural” is a catch all term that does not have to adhere to the strict regulations.  Be aware, be educated, be diligent, be determine to be in good health.

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