Testimonies may 2016

Here are just some of the many testimonies from my work using the frequency healing therapies Ive done over the years.

Manny had a stroke. He came to see me months later with paralysis in his right foot / ankle area. He was having great difficulty walking. I used the LBG around his foot / ankle area for only 20 minutes while explaining how the machine works. He moved his foot around, walked carefully at first, then danced around my office! No pain and paralysis gone!

Tami came to me with a sore in her mouth. I had her hold one LBG head on her mouth near the area, while I put the others on her neck & jaw area. I left it on the area for 20 minutes. The next day she report the sore was gone.

Gail… came with a medium size lump in breast. It was gone after 5 to 6 treatments. Her treatments were 1 1/2 hours each time. Gail was also taking herbal detoxification, improved her diet and started drinking more water.

 Vickie, a cancer survivor, came to me for lymph treatment whenever she feels her lymph system backing up causing large knots within the system. Within 30 minutes we see the blocked areas release. Her treatments are rarely longer than one hour. The treatments have also helped her lower back pain as well.

Jan is fighting Lupus. With just 2 LBG treatments and 2 ionic footbath treatments she was feeling much better! With each treatment she noticed her skin & hair improving, her pain decreasing, her mental clarity coming back, her energy levels increasing. This along with changing her diet has made a huge difference.

Bobby had been very sick with a serious flew bug for over a week. He came in very weak, dehydrated, and very sick. He wanted to see if my lymphatic treatment would help. With only two intense treatments his fever broke, he was gaining his strength back and felt much better and recovered within the week.

Six months later Bobby returned when he came down with tonsillitis, fever and severe headaches.  With 2 treatments approximately 2 ½ hours each, he was feeling great again.

 *I highly recommend clients take liquid Silver from Nature Sunshine with these treatments for most cases.  Its also very important to take colloidal liquid minerals for healing and during these treatments. 

Ryan… was experiencing very enlarged and enflamed painful lymph nodes in his neck. His clinical doctor in southern California wanted to surgically remove them. With a one hour treatment, 3 times in a row his lymph nodes were back to normal. He was checked by his physician to find everything was clear and normal.

Ryan came back 5 months later with enlarged nodes in another area. His doctor had also found several black spots on his prostate. After 2 one hour treatments, the nodes were back to normal and the spots on the prostate were gone.

Ryan also mentioned to me his right kidney had not been functioning well since he was young. After a short treatment on the kidney area the kidney started functioning at nearly normal capacity. His doctor tested him and was very surprised.

Judy… Came to me very over weight, many health issues, legs very swollen. The skin would often break open & ooze from sores. Her Lymph system was very backed up. Painful bone extension on back of right foot, Doctors could not explain. After her treatments she reported feeling better, the oozing stopped in her legs, they scabbed over and healed. The bone extension shrank. All this with only two, 2 hour treatments.  

Shirley’s sinuses were severely backed up. In one session her sinus drained and she felt much better and her ears cleared as well. (Sometimes ear candling is also needed).

Anita … had an unknown tumor on her leg about the size of an average biscuit in which the doctors had no answers for. She had the tumor for over 20 years and had refused surgery. It was very painful to touch. She only had one afternoon free for a treatment before leaving on a plane to go home back east. We applied the light beam generator for 1 ½ hours on the tumor. The tumor started shrinking before she left. The next day she called me to say the tumor had shrunk to half its size. She was very excited about looking for someone back east who could do the same treatments.

Ron had been struggling with diabetes for years. Through the LBG cell cleansing treatments he found healing and recovery as long as he ate as needed for his system and occasionally came in for treatments.

Debbie … (myself)…  I put my LBG on my face to help with congestion and a skin rash I was experiencing. It not only helped my skin condition and congestion, it also helped clear the fuzziness in my eyes due to stress.

Cindy wanted the LBG on her face and neck for congestion. She noticed the next day her skin looked like it glowed and she looked younger, and her congestion was very much improved. So now comes in whenever shes feeling congested. Changing her diet has helped her as well. 

Jannett was a cancer patient who came to me for help with the effects of her conventional cancer treatments she was going through which made her so sick and increased her pain and made her weak. My treatments greatly reduced her pain and helped speed up her recovery process, and gave her energy while removing the negative effects of the chemo chemical treatment and gave her immune system a huge boost to help her body heal.

Jasmine was a 13 year old client with severe Lupus and a spot on her kidney in which the doctors assumed was cancerous and insisted on giving her chemo.  She was healed in just 3 treatments and with herbs. Not all clients respond this fast, but with God ALL things are possible. I find younger clients usually heal much faster too. 

Several clients on dialysis have improved greatly with the help of the ST-8 / LBG treatments.   Raquel is seeing huge improvements with breast cancer, it is nearly gone. It has also helped her diabetes. Shes been able to reduce her medicine and takes it only on occasion now.

The ST-8 / LBG and other frequency cell detoxification therapy tools have proven positive in the healing of several pancreatic cancer patients as well.

Even clients who are not ill report more energy and feel much better in general after a session with the ST-8 / Light Beam Generator / Lymphatic detox work and Ionic footbath treatment. Your lymphatic system is your main immune system. Take care of your body and when your older it will take care of you.


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