Smart Choices

Choosing to eat healthier is a great place to start cleansing, detoxing, healing and becoming over all healthier.

We can eat smart and heal, or not eat smart and reap poor health or worse.

Good foods and Bad foods… whats the difference?

Bad foods

  • Accelerate the aging process
  • Cause weight gain
  • Cause digestive problems, including bloating, gas and cramps
  • Make you feel drowsy and lethargic
  • Cause poor concentration
  • Cause headaches and asthma attacks
  • Cause mood swings & sexual dysfunction
  • Weaken the joints, clog the arteries, increase the risk of heart disease
  • Cause arthritis and weaken the immune system leaving you open to disease.

Good foods on the other hand…

  • Boost your thinking ability
  • Lift your mood
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost your energy and vitality
  • Give you a healthier heart and immune system
  • Supply good chemicals in the blood that unclog arteries, reduce cholesterol
  • Release good agents into the blood that can cause abnormal cell growth to shrink and even disappear
  • Chase away colds and flu
  • Boost your fertility and sex drive

Make sure to look in the diet, juicing, and recipes section for more great information on a healthy diet.

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