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Your Lymphatic System

This is one of the most under rated systems in the body! It is a vital waste eliminator, the body’s primary immune defense and vital circulatory system that runs all through our entire body. It is critical to keep it healthy and clear of blockages so the body can eliminate toxins and waste that accumulate everyday without us ever being aware. By the time we are aware of a problem, its become serious.

The Lymph system transports nutrients and oxygen to all the cells and connective tissues within the body. When the Lymph system is blocked we are open to disease and become defenseless against germs, fungus, etc. But when our cells receive the proper nutrients and oxygen, disease cannot take hold and survive.

How can we keep our Lymphatic system clear and healthy? Proper diet is vital! Eliminate fast food, high fat, processed foods, bad sugars, sodas, alcohol, drugs and your microwave. Eat plenty of whole grains, green vegetables, fruits, nuts beans, and seeds. Eat as much raw vegetables as possible or slightly steamed. The more you cook your food the more acidic it becomes.

Other ways to improve your Lymphatic system is to get regular detoxification treatments such as the hands on Lymphatic massage work with the photon light frequency machine that cleans the cells and the lymph while you simply relax. This wonderful treatment is very beneficial for healing many disorders, such as cancer, lymphoma, fibromyalgia, lupus, skin disorders, allergies, circulatory problems, stress and depression, sports injuries, and more.  The treatment gives you more energy because the body is clearing out the toxins that cause sluggishness.

Bone Spurs

How do they occur?  When a body is deficient in calcium it begins to leach or pull calcium from the bones. As the calcium is being leached, it forms eruptions and deposits, these eruptions are the bone spur. This leaching process also causes kidney stones. As the body is demanding more calcium, it continues to leach it from the bones, causing continued damage to the bones, along with deposits and pain throughout different areas of  the body.

Many people find relief through diet change. Changing to a diet that is more alkaline and less acidic will help your body find balance and heal.  Its very important to balance your pH and increase your calcium and magnesium along with colloidal minerals. Hydrangea is a very important herb that breaks down the spurs and stones,  helping to prevent future spurs and stones.  Nature Sunshine has very well balanced high quality products to help you accomplish this balance in your system. Calcium also helps to balance the pH.

Take Charge of Your Health.

Within each one of us we have the power to take charge of our health. We make choices everyday, to eat healthy or eat poorly. We choose each day to handle our everyday struggles & trials with negative reactions or positive responses. We have the choice everyday to be “teachable” or a know-it-all and have a closed mind.  Both the positive and the negative have huge effects on our physical and mental health. Having a teachable spirit and willing to seek healing energy, whether its through prayer and meditation, or from a doctor, therapist, clergyman, friend, good books, or even from inspirational music, is very healing and puts us on a positive path to wellness.

There are a number of ways you can start moving forward toward healing. Learn about the effects of emotions on your body. For instance, anger and stress can cause your blood pressure to rise, which in turn can cause a number of serious health issues. Both depression and pessimism can greatly deplete your immune system, which can lead to serious health issues.  Negative emotions can lead to over eating, drinking, smoking and drug use,  even prescription abuse, for a false sense of comfort.

Taking classes to heal emotions can help you to heal physically as well. Nearly every physical disorder is rooted from an emotional issue. Boundaries classes, Celebrate Recovery classes and Cleansing Stream classes, available through many churches, all are wonderful positive classes that can help you heal not only those hidden emotional issues you maybe putting off dealing with but also get to the root of your physical issues as well. Its important to be a part of a support and encouraging group of people who are also working on their own inner healing.  There are many books available that help with emotional healing by several wonderful authors, such as Joyce Meyer and authors Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. These are just a few.

Getting over the past, whether its painful hurts from abuse, guilt, regrets, lost relationships… all these things can be toxic when we dwell on them. Burying the past will not help either, it will come out in some physical form at some point in your life. You can turn your pain around. You can choose to heal. Yes it can be hard work, but arent you worth it? If you dont see yourself as worth the effort, then do you have someone close to you depending on you? Arent they worth you getting better for their sake? Our children need us to be there for them, not negative and dysfunctional, but whole and healed. Mentally, physically and spiritually. None of us asked to be born, but do you know that every person born was born by divine decision? That each one of us were placed on this earth for a purpose? Someone may have told you that you were a mistake. I’m sorry they told you that. Its not true. Your Heavenly Father purposely planned for you to be born and has a divine purpose for you on this earth. There are many reasons why things happen as they do and we may never understand the “whys” in this life. We can choose to be bitter and angry or choose to positive, heal, move forward and make lemonade out of the lemons we were dealt.

I pray you choose to heal and move forward in your life. Its well worth the hard work.

Read more about how to heal through the foods we eat.  Different foods have effect on our moods, emotions, and our physical healing process.

February 2015   *Please be patient with me, Im learning how to work on my own website.                                                         I will be adding more information and updating this information within the next few months. I will be explaining some new equipment and therapies that have recently been added in my office to help you heal.


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