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Natural Healing Spa & Detox offers some of the newest treatments in bio integrative alternative therapies giving energy and creating balance to help you achieve optimal wellness.

These alternative therapies are safe and effective for all ages.

Bio Integrative Therapies refers to the process of becoming whole or complete. These therapies are life-giving treatments to help you become whole so your body may achieve balance to heal itself as the body was created to do.

Therapeutic Treatments

  • Ionic Footbath Spa: Removes heavy metals and other toxins, strengthens the immune system,  improves circulation and increases energy flow.
  • Infrared Sauna: Burns calories, removes toxins and mineral waste,  relieves pain, arthritis and joint stiffness, improves skin tone, helps eliminate acne & other skin disorders, reduces stress, relaxes and much more!
  • Lymphatic detox therapy: Is a combination of hands on lymphatic therapy and a special tool called a Light Beam Generator, or LBG. The LBG helps to balance the positive and negative electromagnetic field within each cell, relieving lymphatic congestion and blockages, improving lymph flow which strengthens the immune system. The LBG works with a light hands-on Lymphatic drainage technique to bring optimal cellular cleansing and balance to the whole body.
  • Now offering wonderful relaxing and cell rejuvenating facials using pure products.  More than just your average facial!

Other Therapies

Herbal therapies using the newest products from Nature Sunshine bring balance and harmony, clarity of mind and improves the bodies functions.

Emotional therapy counseling through Flower Essences and spiritual counseling, bring clarity and balance to your emotional state of mind and heart.  Helping to heal the inner grief, turmoil, anger, pain and more.

Iridology is a proven scientific study, showing ones physical, emotional health and personality through the study of the eyes.

Ear candling, is the safest, the most effective and painless way to clean ones ears. Its been around for hundreds of years.

Come try our new Detoxification Facials. Cell rejuvenation and detoxification reduces  cellulite, & fine lines, giving you more youthful looking skin.  This facial comes with a bonus! Also reduces sinus congestion.

All of these therapies cleanse the immune system, improve circulation, improve mental clarity, balance the bodies polarity,  & bring healing to body, mind and spirit.

We are continuously adding new therapies  so keep in touch.

Visit us and start on your path to wellness today.

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