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Natural Healing Spa & Detox Health Center

400 Truxtun Ave.  suite 104

Located in the beautiful revitalized downtown area east of the court house and main Library.

Please call me if you want an immediate answer to your comment or question. I rarely have time to check my website very often.

To save yourself time, Please call to make sure I’m in my office before coming by. I would love to meet you and share my work.

Our hours:

Tuesday through Saturday. By appointment only. No walk-ins unless we have talked previously.

Consultations and Therapy  Sessions are by appointment only.

My office hours are flexible to meet clients needs. If you stop by my office without an appointment and Im not there I maybe in a meeting or working outside my office with  an “in home care” patient. “In home care” is restricted to those clients who cannot come into my office due to serious health issues.

I will do my best to make myself available for those who have odd hours. Call me and I will work with you. My hours are flexible.

And PLEASE call me when you have questions, or concerns about anything.  You can always leave me a message on my phone and I will return your call. I don’t check my messages here on my website, so please be sure to call me.

God bless you all and be of good health.

Call today: 661 342 5033

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    Organic matter is absent from tissue-culture grade water. This includes natural and man made organic molecules such as proteins, pesticides, herbicides, tannins and detergents, all which could interfere with cell and tissue cultures. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and algae are absent, as are organic breakdown products. The water is of low toxicity and endotoxin free.
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  2. Steven E. Salyer Says:

    Awesome Program I am going to recommend it to all of my friends OMG!!!!! you are AWESOME I Haven’t felt this good in years!!!!!!
    Thank You

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