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I have moved to a great new location. Much better access and parking  and easy to view from Oak Street. 

3121 19th Street and corner of Oak Street.

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Spring Special  

$10 off the Total Detox Treatment

Are you wondering what a total detox is? Good question. It is a cell detoxification treatment to build your immune system.  Clean out the toxins hiding within your cell walls you maybe unaware of.  We are all concerned about the new viruses and bugs going around. Do yourself a favor and see what can be done to help strengthen your immune system and stay off  drugs and medications. Why wait until your sick. But if you are sick DON'T WAIT. Come in now! I have answers. 

Services Provided

IONIC FOOTBATH  Treatments feel so good! I see great results from my footbath treatments. Many clients tell me how much better they feel. They have more energy, sleep better, their headaches go away, some have other health issues that disappear. After your footbath include a salt scrub and some reflexology. 

SALT SCRUB on your feet and hands. Feels great after a footbath.  

CELL DETOXIFICATION and RESTORATIVE Treatments pull out toxins and help to restore your cells polarity. It does this using infrared light, scalar energy, bio feedback and photon light frequencies using Rife technology. A very relaxing treatment and important for healing! 

INFRARED SAUNA Therapy pulls out the heavy metals and other chemicals that are making you feel sluggish and cause disease. 

EMOTIONAL THERAPY with flower essences, essential oil along with Christian based counseling. 

EAR CANDLING is over 2 thousand years old and works better than any other treatment you can find. 

NUTRITION and HEALTH analysis consulting.

NATURE SUNSHINE is a reputable well established  company known for its quality products.  I carry their products and other quality ptoducts as well. 

PAIN MANAGEMENT without drugs is a treatment that can help you get off the damaging drugs your on.  Come in for more detailed information. 

LYMPHATIC DETOX Therapy improves your entire immune system and restores cell function. 

MINISTRY-COUNSELING-PRAYER  always available. God is always included in all I do.

Important Information

  Before I share  testimonies I want to give a warning to everyone about using essential oils around your pets. PLEASE do not defuse oils if your pets are confined to the area. They need fresh air away from the oils.  Cats especially cannot tell you they will get sick from breathing in the oils, their livers cannot handle it. Over time it will kill them.  I love my oils, so how I get around this to save my adorable kitties is I put my favorite oil on the bottom of my feet before putting on my shoes, or going to bed, and maybe a drop of peppermint or frankincense on my thumb and rub it into the roof of my mouth. If I place oils anywhere else such as my face or neck I make sure I wash my hands well and let the oil dissipate before loving on my kitties.  Thank you. 


These are just a handful of testimonies

*Manny came to see me months after he had a stroke. He had paralysis in his right foot and ankle. He had pain and could not walk without a cane. I used the LBG around his foot and ankle for only 20 minutes while explaining about the machine. After the treatment he moved his foot around, walked carefully at first, then danced around my office with excitement! Pain and paralysis gone! 

*Tami came to me with a sore in her mouth. I had her hold one LBG head on her mouth near the area, while I put the others on her neck and jaw area. I left it on the area for 20 minutes. The next day she report the sore was gone.

*Gail came in with a medium size lump in her right breast. It was gone after 6 treatments. Gail was also taking herbs to detox, and had greatly improved her diet and started drinking more water. 

   *Vickie was a new cancer survivor who came to me to continue her lymphatic treatments she had been doing in Reno Nevada. She could feel her lymph system backing up causing knots in her system. With her treatments we could instantly see the blocked areas releasing. It was amazing! The treatments also helped her lower back pain.  Her back was a totally different issue. 

*Jan came to me with Lupus. With just 3 treatments and 2 Ionic footbath treatments Jan felt so much better! She noticed her skin and hair improve, her pain decrease, her mental clarity and energy coming back. She continues with the treatments and she also changed her diet. Diet is a huge part of healing the body. 

*Ryan lives in LA. He was experiencing very enlarged, painful lymph nodes in his neck. His doctor in southern Cal wanted to surgically remove them. With a one hour treatment, 3 times in a row his lymph nodes were back to normal. He was checked by his physician to find everything was clear and normal.

  *Judy came to me with weight issues, legs very swollen, often break open & ooze from sores and many health problems. Her Lymph system was very backed up. Also painful bone extension on the right foot her Doctors could not explain. After her treatments she reported feeling better, the oozing stopped in her legs, they scabbed over and began to heal. The bone extensions were continuing to reduce in size. With only a few treatments she was on her way to healing. 

*Shirley’s sinuses were severely backed up. In one session her sinus drained and she felt much better and her ears cleared as well. (Sometimes ear candling is also needed).

*Shirley came in one year later with a medium size lump in her breast. Doctors said she had cancer and scheduled her for surgery 2 weeks later. I did 7 treatments with the LBG in that 2 weeks.  The doctor was so surprised when he took out this very small lump. It had been greatly reduced and all the surrounding tissue was clear and cancer free. It was such a clean surgery the doctor felt confident Shirley did not need chemo nor radiation. She has been cancer free since. That was 10 years ago, shes now 93 and doing well.

    *Anita had an unknown tumor on her leg about the size of a biscuit in which the doctors had no answers for. She had the tumor for over 20 years an refused surgery. It was painful to touch. She only had one afternoon free for a treatment before leaving on a plane to go home. I applied the LBG for  only 1 ½ hours. She started seeing it shrink  by the time she boarded the plane. The next day she called me to say it had reduced to half its size! She was so excited she said she would look for someone in her area to continue the treatments.

*Bobby came in with a severe case of the flu. He was very weak and had a fever. In 2 intense treatments he was feeling amazingly better and by the end of that week was back to normal.  I also put him on Nature Sunshine liquid silver 4 times aday or more to fight it.

 *Ron had been struggling with diabetes for years. Through the cell cleansing treatments he found healing and recovery as long as he eats properly and occasionally comes in for a cleansing. 

NOTE here: Most Diabetes is due to a persons thyroid being imbalanced. But most doctors deny this. Read what Dr. Jerry Tennant and Dr. Mark Starr have to say about it on YouTube. Amazing doctors. And I was fortunate to study under Dr. Jerry Tennant.

*Debbie … (myself) I put the ST-8 / LBG on my face to help with congestion and to help a skin condition I was experiencing. It not only helped my skin condition and congestion, it also helped clear the fuzziness in my eyes due to stress.   

*Bob, a very intelligent engineer, who came in very skeptical of the treatments, had stage 4 lymphoma and leukemia throughout his entire body. One year later he is nearly completely  cancer free. His doctor from CBCC kept telling him, whatever your doing keep it up! His diet has been a bit of a struggle. But as long as he eats as he should, he does very well. His last medical report showed his cancer was at a very low level. His doctor was very happy. Bob never did any chemo or radiation. 

*I can honestly tell you when my cancer patients do as I strongly suggest they get well. I encourage regular medical testing. Tests don't lie. Doctors do often. I was excited to hear about 1 or 2 good doctors at CBCC who honestly do encourage alternative therapy work. They do not understand my work but they see the results. I love it.

Come in and talk to me about your issues and concerns. 


Make your appointment today!  My New Location.

3121 19th Street, corner of Oak Street & 19th

661 342 5033

Common Questions Asked

How long will it take me to heal and how many sessions will I need to come in for. These are 2 very difficult questions to answer. Not even medical doctors can give you a truly honest answer about your body's healing time or how many chemo treatments it will take, etc. Their answers change often.  Usually they tell you the medication will be for life. Holistic medicine works with the body, key word here is "WITH" the body. I can give you many examples of the healing time it took for others when you come in. Everyone's body heals at a different rate. Many things to consider. Your diet is of major importance in your healing process. Stress levels and sleep will have an effect as well. Come in and lets talk. 

About Us


Caring For Your Health

Caring For Your Health

Caring For Your Health

The answer can be hard to find, especially in our medical world today.  Drugs can cover up the root problems that need to be revealed and removed. Healing cannot take place if the root problem is never addressed.  That's why I take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease. 


Natural Healing

Caring For Your Health

Caring For Your Health

My goal is to provide alternative medical care that will cleanse, prevent, reverse and heal disease using the fundamental principles of natural medicine. The results prove the best way to heal the body is naturally the way God designed the body, mind and spirit to work together and be healed.


My Promise to You

Caring For Your Health

My Promise to You

I care about your well being and will provide you with the best knowledge, and tools needed to help you in your healing journey. Let me help you achieve optimal wellness!