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Debbie Parks C.O.T., C.L.T.

Holistic Therapist with studies and certifications in cancer, advanced lymphatic therapies, electromagnetic frequency healing tools, and alternative medicine, including essential oils and flower essences, and Biblical counseling. 

I am Bible based and do God centered energy work. 


Integrative Medicine for Today

Debbie has studied under some of the most amazing doctors in the U.S.  She has incredible compassion for those who need healing, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual or all of the above.  Her passion is all about teaching prevention and finding an answer for you.  Come in today for a consultation.

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Inspirational Message for September:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13


Our Goal and Passion

Our goal is to educate, encourage and assist the body in healing through bio integrative electromagnetic frequency therapies that are very relaxing, gentle, painless, safe, and effective for ALL ages. They also work well to cleanse and enhance traditional therapies. Come in and learn how to bring optimal wellness to your whole body. Bring balance to every cell by removing the toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and other carcinogens. Reduce swelling and disease, and give your body the ability to heal. Learn how to prevent future complications, and how to recover from family health pattern issues. Create a stronger lymphatic system and a healthier you.

With all the chemicals around us, air, water, food and vaccines, our immune systems are fighting to stay healthy every day. Its important to reduce the stress on your immune system and learn how to cleanse your cells on a much deeper level. I'm an educator as well as a healer. Find out more. 

Make an appointment. Call 661 342 5033 or text me. 

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Hosea 4:6 My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge.

Education is important. Knowledge is Power.


Fluoride  is commonly used in many products and often encouraged by doctors to strengthen teeth.  This is an extreme mis-conception.   Fluoride is what Hitler used to control the people in the second world war. Because he knew it slowly destroys the thyroid which causes tremendous health problems including brain fog.  I am an example of Fluoride treatments that did not work at all to improve my teeth and it damaged my thyroid. Im on a wonderful natural thyroid medicine, for the rest of my life Im afraid.  More coming soon on Fluoride and the dangers.



Recent studies show microwave oven-cooking can cause severe molecular damage. Microwave food has been found to cause abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems, dramatically effecting cells. Damaged cells become an easy target for viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms. Cells are forced into a state of energy emergency. The immune system becomes weak and suppressed and vulnerable to disease.

The Russians have done the most in-depth studies on microwave ovens and the biological effects on food and the effects on the human body. Microwave ovens were outlawed in Russia when scientists discovered the serious increase in cancer and the DNA changes within the food. They also discovered microwaves destroy all nutritional value within the food. Because the DNA and the entire molecular structure of the food is changed, the body no longer understands it to be of any nutritional value to the body and it treats it as foreign material, attacking it and wrapping it in fat cells, as if it were a poison or enemy of some sort.

Continuous eating of microwaved foods has been shown to have serious long term effects over time. It can cause brain damage by short cutting the electrical impulses within the brain, by demagnetizing the brain tissue which causes depolarization. Causing memory loss, concentration impairment, & even emotional instability due to electrical impulse damage. Long term use can cause serious hormone imbalances by altering the bodies chemistry as well as causing cancerous growth to occur more commonly in the stomach and intestines.

There are alternatives to the microwave that work wonderful without the harmful effects. Use a toaster oven, steamer, or conventional oven. What is your health worth?   


The dangers of margarine. Hydrogenated fats such as margarine are non-foods with serious toxic effects and should be avoided at all costs. Margarine is made by adding hydrogen atoms to the fat molecules to make them more saturated, raising the melting point of the fat so it remains a solid at room temperature and stops spoilage. Basically so it won’t melt unless under high heat! This process is called hydrogenation. You can leave a cube or tub of margarine out for years and it won’t spoil nor will it mold, nor will bugs of any kind touch it! Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic! But because the fats in margarine are partially hydrogenated (meaning not fully saturated) the manufactures can somehow claim it is “polyunsaturated and market it as a healthy food! One of the side effects of hydrogenation is a residue of toxic metals, usually nickel and aluminum, that is left behind in the product. These metals are used as catalysts in the processing reaction, the problem is they accumulate in our cells and nervous system and poison us through altering our cellular function, causing a wide variety of health problems. Which is one of the reason why I do what I do. My work can remove these toxins from the cells and restore the energy, giving new life to the cells.


Artificial sweeteners, and so-called natural sweeteners are the largest contributor to disease in our modern society. We think if it says “natural” on the label its ok. Read the label. Do you see some ingredients that you cannot pronounce? Look them up and find out if they are chemicals that could harm you. These chemicals alter the way the brain connects. It collects in your cells and destroys brain function and memory over time.  



Wheat, though it can be healthy, can also be a serious contributor for arthritis pain and inflammation and other health issues. Modern wheat today has been contaminated with GMO processing. It stands for genetically modified. Which means it has been altered with chemicals to stay fresh on the self for a LONG period of time. Often times its not the gluten that is bothering most people it’s the chemicals that have been added. 

Chemtrails: Information coming soon. 

YES! They are real and damaging our health!            

More information to come.


I am very passionate about finding answers for your health issues.  I don't claim to know everything. But I have great connections and I will find you some  answers. 

Treatments and Benefits

* The Infrared Sauna is amazing and the best on the market. The infrared rays goes deep into the body tissue pulling out heavy metals and other chemicals. 

* Our Ionic Footbath is one of the best made. It also pulls out heavy metals, parasites, toxins from all the organs.

More information to come on both of these and more. 



Organic Nutrition


Nutrition is the number one healing tool. We believe many illnesses are caused by the toxins in our foods. Avoid GMO's, which are chemically manufactured ingredients and pesticides that alter the cell health to the point of crippling the cell once they adhere to the wall of the cell.   Replacing them with cleaner, more organically grown foods. Natural plant remedies aid the body in healing itself and preventing future disease by clearing out chemical toxins.  Together with the light frequency therapies we can clear out your cells deep toxic agitators, creating a healthy environment, causing your cells to feel clean from toxic waste, bring back their balance, and helping you feel much better. 

Therapeutic oils, herbs, and flower essences.


Holistic medicine has been proven over the centuries to treat the whole person. Treating the whole person is important for healing what you are feeling in your body. Body, mind, spirit and emotions are all one.   They all work together even when you don't feel it. Improve your pain, anxiety and your immune system with natural God given holistic medicines and therapeutic tools. These therapies focus all the way down to the cellular level not only for your physical health, but your total wellness . 

Call today for an appointment.  661 342 5033